Commit dc8b3970 authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui

Make the alias plugin behave like documented.

parent c77e2878
Alias plugin.
Allows the creation and the removal of personal aliases.
from plugin import BasePlugin
import common
from common import parse_command_args_to_alias as parse
......@@ -9,14 +15,16 @@ class Plugin(BasePlugin):
self.commands = {}
def command_alias(self, line):
/alias <alias> <command> [args]
arg = common.shell_split(line)
if len(arg) < 2:
self.core.information('Alias: Not enough parameters', 'Error')
alias = arg[0]
tmp_args = common.shell_split(arg[1])
command = tmp_args.pop(0)
tmp_args = arg[1][len(command)+1:]
command = arg[1]
tmp_args = arg[2] if len(arg) > 2 else ''
if alias in self.core.commands or alias in self.commands:
self.core.information('Alias: command already exists', 'Error')
......@@ -26,6 +34,9 @@ class Plugin(BasePlugin):
self.core.information('Alias /%s successfuly created' % alias, 'Info')
def command_unalias(self, alias):
/unalias <existing alias>
if alias in self.commands:
del self.commands[alias]
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