Commit bc6b9b1a authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui

Remove the translate plugin (API has been broken for a long time)

parent 109b4aa1
from plugin import BasePlugin
import urllib.request
from urllib.parse import urlencode
import xhtml
import json
def translate(s, target=TARGET_LANG, source=''):
f = urllib.request.urlopen('', urlencode({ 'v': '1.0', 'q': s, 'langpair': '%s|%s' % (source, target) }).encode('utf-8'))
response = json.loads(str(, 'utf-8'))['responseData']
return (response['translatedText'], response['detectedSourceLanguage'])
class Plugin(BasePlugin):
def init(self):
self.add_event_handler('groupchat_message', self.on_groupchat_message)
def on_groupchat_message(self, message):
room_from = message.getMucroom()
if message['type'] == 'error':
if room_from in self.config.options():
target_lang = self.config.get(room_from, self.config.get('default', TARGET_LANG))
nick_from = message['mucnick']
body = xhtml.get_body_from_message_stanza(message)
room = self.core.get_tab_by_name(room_from)
text, lang = translate(body, target=target_lang)
if lang != TARGET_LANG:
room.add_message(text, nickname=nick_from)
except Exception as e:
import traceback
self.core.information("Exception in translator! %s" % (traceback.format_exc(),))
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