Commit b042a07c authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui

Fix activation of mood/activity which was inverted

parent b8fe5893
......@@ -2816,14 +2816,14 @@ class Core(object):
shortdesc=_('Get the activity of someone.'),
if config.get('enable_user_mood', True):
if config.get('enable_user_activity', True):
self.register_command('activity', self.command_activity,
usage='[<general> [specific] [text]]',
desc=_('Send your current activity to your contacts (use the completion).'
' Nothing means "stop broadcasting an activity".'),
shortdesc=_('Send your activity.'),
if config.get('enable_user_activity', True):
if config.get('enable_user_mood', True):
self.register_command('mood', self.command_mood,
usage='[<mood> [text]]',
desc=_('Send your current mood to your contacts (use the completion).'
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