Commit 8ec56710 authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui

Add a script that generates a [keys] section for the gpg plugin

parent bc6b9b1a
#!/usr/bin/env python3
Parses the output of gpg into a list suitable for the poezio
GPG plugin. Double-check the output and use at your own risk.
import subprocess
import pprint
import re
import os
addr_re = re.compile(r'^uid\s+\[\s+full\s+\]\s.*<(.*@.*)>$')
id_re = re.compile(r'^pub\s+.*/(........) .*')
def extract_block(total):
GPG output blocks are separated by newlines
if '' in total:
index = total.index('')
index = len(total)
block = total[:index]
total = total[index+1:]
return (block, total)
def parse_block(blocks, block):
Keep the blocks with trusted keys
and extract addresses and UIDs
uid = ''
addrs = []
blocksize = len(block)
for i, line in enumerate(reversed(block)):
if line.startswith('uid'):
match = addr_re.match(line)
if match:
addr = match.groups()[0]
if addr not in addrs:
del block[blocksize-1-i]
elif line.startswith('pub'):
uid = id_re.match(line).groups()[0]
if addrs:
blocks[uid] = addrs
def output(blocks):
for uid in blocks:
for addr in blocks[uid]:
print('%s = %s' % (addr, uid))
def main():
os.putenv('LANG', 'en_US.UTF-8')
gpg_proc = subprocess.Popen(
result, _ = gpg_proc.communicate()
result = result.decode().strip().splitlines()[2:]
blocks = {}
while result:
block, result = extract_block(result)
parse_block(blocks, block)
if __name__ == '__main__':
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ setup(name="poezio",
packages = ['poezio', 'poezio_plugins', 'poezio_plugins.gpg', 'poezio_themes'],
package_dir = {'poezio': 'src', 'poezio_plugins': 'plugins', 'poezio_themes': 'data/themes'},
package_data = {'poezio': ['default_config.cfg']},
scripts = ['scripts/poezio'],
scripts = ['scripts/poezio', 'scripts/poezio_gpg_export'],
data_files = [('share/poezio/themes/', ['data/themes/']),
('share/man/man1/', ['data/poezio.1'])],
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