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exec plugin

parent 47c052ac
# A plugin that can execute a command and send the result in the conversation
from plugin import BasePlugin
import os
import common
import shlex
import subprocess
class Plugin(BasePlugin):
def init(self):
self.add_command('exec', self.command_exec, "Usage: /exec [-o|-O] <command>\nExec: Execute a shell command and prints the result in the information buffer. The command should be ONE argument, that means it should be between \"\". The first argument (before the command) can be -o or -O. If -o is specified, it sends the result in the current conversation. If -O is specified, it sends the command and its result in the current conversation.\nExample: /exec -O \"uptime\" will send “uptime\n20:36:19 up 3:47, 4 users, load average: 0.09, 0.13, 0.09” in the current conversation.")
def command_exec(self, args):
args = common.shell_split(args)
if len(args) == 1:
command = args[0]
arg = None
elif len(args) == 2:
command = args[1]
arg = args[0]
cut_command = shlex.split(command)
except Exception as e:
self.core.information('Failed to parse command: %s' % (e,), 'Error')
process = subprocess.Popen(cut_command, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
except OSError as e:
self.core.information('Failed to execute command: %s' % (e,), 'Error')
result = process.communicate()[0].decode('utf-8')
if arg and arg == '-o':
if not self.core.send_message('%s' % (result,)):
self.core.information('Cannot send result (%s), this is not a conversation tab' % result)
elif arg and arg == '-O':
if not self.core.send_message('%s:\n%s' % (command, result)):
self.core.information('Cannot send result (%s), this is not a conversation tab' % result)
self.core.information('%s:\n%s' % (command, result), 'Info')
......@@ -42,7 +42,6 @@ class BasePlugin(object):
def unload(self):
def add_command(self, name, handler, help, completion=None):
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