Commit 158692fa authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui

Use the new args parser in the alias plugin

parent 9361b12c
from plugin import BasePlugin
import common
from common import parse_command_args_to_alias as parse
class Plugin(BasePlugin):
def init(self):
......@@ -7,19 +9,20 @@ class Plugin(BasePlugin):
self.commands = {}
def command_alias(self, line):
arg = line.split()
arg = common.shell_split(line)
if len(arg) < 2:
self.core.information('Alias: Not enough parameters', 'Error')
alias = arg[0]
command = arg[1]
post_args = ' '.join(arg[2:])
tmp_args = common.shell_split(arg[1])
command = tmp_args.pop(0)
tmp_args = arg[1][len(command)+1:]
if alias in self.core.commands or alias in self.commands:
self.core.information('Alias: command already exists', 'Error')
self.commands[alias] = lambda args: self.get_command(command)(post_args+args)
self.add_command(alias, self.commands[alias], 'This command is an alias for /%s %s' % (command, post_args))
self.commands[alias] = lambda args: self.get_command(command)(parse(common.shell_split(args), tmp_args))
self.add_command(alias, self.commands[alias], 'This command is an alias for /%s %s' %( command, tmp_args))
self.core.information('Alias /%s successfuly created' % alias, 'Info')
def command_unalias(self, alias):
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