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Catan - A Great Game to Enjoy with Your Friends This Year

It's never too boring to play a board game with your friends and family. It will be even better when you can enjoy this board game via smartphone.

Catan is a familiar game with the Boardgame community. The first category of tactics and negotiation gives players insights on thinking and strategy.

Players will have to exploit materials, build roads, houses, and cities and win the game with the highest score.

Now, the board game Catan is available on your own mobile phone. You can play this board game on your smartphone with your relatives and friends on holiday without having a real board game.

How to play:

At the start of each game, each player will be given a maximum of 2 houses on 2 lines.

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1 - Roll dice to get resources.

You start with rolling 2 dice. The result of the total number of nodes of the two dice corresponds to the number on the land.

All players who have houses around the resource-filled land will receive their respective resources.

Get 1 resource for each House you own, and get 2 for each City you own, If there are not enough resources for the turn, no one will receive any resources.

2 - Resource exchange.

In your turn, you can exchange resources with other players on the table. You can announce the resources you need and the resources you are willing to offer in exchange. The remaining players also have the right to make their offer.

You can only talk to the owner of the turn, and cannot communicate with the rest. The rest of the people can not exchange among themselves.

To exchange resources with ports you can trade resources at any time in your turn at a 4: 1 ratio

If you have a port, you can exchange it at a port rate of 3: 1.

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3 - Build roads, houses, cities, buy development cards.

With the construction phase - this is the stage where you can increase your score by expanding the road to build a home and upgrade from home to city.

To build, you have to pay resources according to the instructions. Keep secret with developments cards you have.

4 - Turn to the next

You will win the game if you have 10 points. There are a lot of special cards to explore and fulfill instructions on how to use them in Catan Classic.

There are 2 versions of Catan available: Catan Classic and Catan Universe. I will introduce to you some features of Catan Classic.


Catan Classic:

The rules of Catan Classic is the same as the rules of the offline board game. You can play with bots or play multiplayer with your friends. This game supports up to 4 players.

All the controls and operations of the game are easy to use. The graphics of the game are very simple and friendly, the same as the real version of Catan.

In particular, there are expansion packs that you can try in the free version: The Seafarers and Cities & Knights. To play full these expansions, you have to purchase it in game.

With the Seafarers, you will play through 16 different screens to sail your ship to the new land.

In Cities & Knight, you must protect your land from invaders such as barbarians. In this section, various game modes, mechanics will be added.

With the new scenario updated “Enchanted Land” and “The Great Canal”, you have to defeat the dragons and build new canals.

As you gain expansion, you can play with the AI with different levels. There are ten different opponents for you to play with. However, these AIs are not so prominent and can easily be defeated.

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In conclusion,

The game is good for you to spend time with friends and family. However, with many features, you will have to buy to use it, which makes the score of the game falls a little bit. We can expect more from the developer in the next version: Catan Universe.

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