Authored by ADAM

I started drinking alcohol

"I'm going to go with them." I said when I saw their legs as well. I looked at Nicole and then he suddenly stalked. I just missed him.

I started drinking alcohol. The story starts, it's also dark. After the slaughter ended, we walked over to the big table and continued to drink. It's just a quick drink, a lot more stories and more. Chill to chill us.

After we had two bottles of wine we decided to magbonfire in the sand near the cabin. We buy firewood. We continued to drink. There are little amats all, obvious e. Nasty nostalgic bastard.

That's what we're drinking with. That's why, there's still a love team loveteam, and what's more. We went back to truth or dare, spin the bottle. As I was having a birthday they spin off.

"Come on with rules to go, trip trip, no kj, no joke or no money ah" I said.

First of all, it's a pretty simple game, just simple question is simple but it lasts up. Until then, The three men, James, Nikko, and Jasper were admitted to Nicole. So we laughed too much. I just kissed Nicole every day. Two Gladdys and Paul, both of them are the same questions. 5 Bytes
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