Commit bc102bff authored by Link Mauve's avatar Link Mauve

windows: Reexport BaseTextWin to fix f107ecd9.

parent 4a01e073
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ from import ListWin, ColumnHeaderWin
from import VerticalSeparator
from import UserList, Topic
from import RosterWin, ContactInfoWin
from import TextWin, XMLTextWin
from import BaseTextWin, TextWin, XMLTextWin
from import ImageWin
__all__ = [
......@@ -28,5 +28,5 @@ __all__ = [
'BookmarksInfoWin', 'ConfirmStatusWin', 'HelpText', 'Input',
'HistoryInput', 'MessageInput', 'CommandInput', 'ListWin',
'ColumnHeaderWin', 'VerticalSeparator', 'UserList', 'Topic', 'RosterWin',
'ContactInfoWin', 'TextWin', 'XMLTextWin', 'ImageWin'
'ContactInfoWin', 'TextWin', 'XMLTextWin', 'ImageWin', 'BaseTextWin'
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