Commit 3acfd83c authored by Link Mauve's avatar Link Mauve

common: Simplify get_os_info() using pathlib.Path().

parent 8fbbe701
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ Various useful functions.
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
from pathlib import Path
from slixmpp import JID, InvalidJID
from poezio.poezio_shlex import shlex
......@@ -61,25 +62,25 @@ def _is_in_path(command, return_abs_path=False):
'Arch Linux': '/etc/arch-release',
'Aurox Linux': '/etc/aurox-release',
'Conectiva Linux': '/etc/conectiva-release',
'CRUX': '/usr/bin/crux',
'Debian GNU/Linux': '/etc/debian_version',
'Fedora Linux': '/etc/fedora-release',
'Gentoo Linux': '/etc/gentoo-release',
'Linux from Scratch': '/etc/lfs-release',
'Mandrake Linux': '/etc/mandrake-release',
'Slackware Linux': '/etc/slackware-version',
'Solaris/Sparc': '/etc/release',
'Source Mage': '/etc/sourcemage_version',
'SUSE Linux': '/etc/SuSE-release',
'Sun JDS': '/etc/sun-release',
'PLD Linux': '/etc/pld-release',
'Yellow Dog Linux': '/etc/yellowdog-release',
'Arch Linux': Path('/etc/arch-release'),
'Aurox Linux': Path('/etc/aurox-release'),
'Conectiva Linux': Path('/etc/conectiva-release'),
'CRUX': Path('/usr/bin/crux'),
'Debian GNU/Linux': Path('/etc/debian_version'),
'Fedora Linux': Path('/etc/fedora-release'),
'Gentoo Linux': Path('/etc/gentoo-release'),
'Linux from Scratch': Path('/etc/lfs-release'),
'Mandrake Linux': Path('/etc/mandrake-release'),
'Slackware Linux': Path('/etc/slackware-version'),
'Solaris/Sparc': Path('/etc/release'),
'Source Mage': Path('/etc/sourcemage_version'),
'SUSE Linux': Path('/etc/SuSE-release'),
'Sun JDS': Path('/etc/sun-release'),
'PLD Linux': Path('/etc/pld-release'),
'Yellow Dog Linux': Path('/etc/yellowdog-release'),
# many distros use the /etc/redhat-release for compatibility
# so Redhat is the last
'Redhat Linux': '/etc/redhat-release'
'Redhat Linux': Path('/etc/redhat-release')
......@@ -111,27 +112,26 @@ def get_os_info():
# lsb_release executable not available, so parse files
for distro_name in DISTRO_INFO:
path_to_file = DISTRO_INFO[distro_name]
if os.path.exists(path_to_file):
if os.access(path_to_file, os.X_OK):
if path_to_file.exists():
if os.access(str(path_to_file), os.X_OK):
# the file is executable (f.e. CRUX)
# yes, then run it and get the first line of output.
text = _get_output_of_command(path_to_file)[0]
text = _get_output_of_command(str(path_to_file))[0]
fdes = open(path_to_file, encoding='utf-8')
text = fdes.readline().strip() # get only first line
if path_to_file.endswith('version'):
with'utf-8') as fdes:
text = fdes.readline().strip() # get only first line
basename =
if basename.endswith('version'):
# sourcemage_version and slackware-version files
# have all the info we need (name and version of distro)
if not os.path.basename(path_to_file).startswith(
'sourcemage') or not\
if not basename.startswith('sourcemage') or not\
text = distro_name + ' ' + text
elif path_to_file.endswith('aurox-release') or \
elif basename == 'aurox-release' or \
basename == 'arch-release':
# file doesn't have version
text = distro_name
elif path_to_file.endswith('lfs-release'):
elif basename == 'lfs-release':
# file just has version
text = distro_name + ' ' + text
os_info = text.replace('\n', '')
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