Commit 07b534dc authored by Link Mauve's avatar Link Mauve

logger: Add typing information.

parent e9585c7e
......@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ conversations and roster changes
import mmap
import re
from typing import List, Dict, Optional, TextIO, BinaryIO, Any
from datetime import datetime
from poezio import common
......@@ -73,9 +74,9 @@ class Logger:
def __init__(self):
self._roster_logfile = None
self._roster_logfile = None # Optional[TextIO]
# a dict of 'groupchatname': file-object (opened)
self._fds = {}
self._fds = {} # type: Dict[str, TextIO]
def __del__(self):
for opened_file in self._fds.values():
......@@ -85,14 +86,14 @@ class Logger:
except: # Can't close? too bad
def close(self, jid):
def close(self, jid) -> None:
jid = str(jid).replace('/', '\\')
if jid in self._fds:
log.debug('Log file for %s closed.', jid)
del self._fds[jid]
def reload_all(self):
def reload_all(self) -> None:
"""Close and reload all the file handles (on SIGHUP)"""
for opened_file in self._fds.values():
if opened_file:
......@@ -102,7 +103,7 @@ class Logger:
self._fds[room] = self._check_and_create_log_dir(room)
log.debug('Log handle for %s re-created', room)
def _check_and_create_log_dir(self, room, open_fd=True):
def _check_and_create_log_dir(self, room: str, open_fd: bool = True) -> Optional[TextIO]:
Check that the directory where we want to log the messages
exists. if not, create it
......@@ -127,7 +128,7 @@ class Logger:
'Unable to open the log file (%s)', filename, exc_info=True)
def get_logs(self, jid, nb=10):
def get_logs(self, jid: str, nb: int = 10) -> Optional[List[Dict[str, Any]]]:
Get the nb last messages from the log history for the given jid.
Note that a message may be more than one line in these files, so
......@@ -172,7 +173,7 @@ class Logger:
return parse_log_lines(lines)
def log_message(self, jid, nick, msg, date=None, typ=1):
def log_message(self, jid: str, nick: str, msg: str, date: Optional[datetime] = None, typ: int = 1) -> bool:
log the message in the appropriate jid's file
......@@ -211,7 +212,7 @@ class Logger:
return False
return True
def log_roster_change(self, jid, message):
def log_roster_change(self, jid: str, message: str) -> bool:
Log a roster change
......@@ -248,7 +249,7 @@ class Logger:
return True
def build_log_message(nick, msg, date=None, typ=1):
def build_log_message(nick: str, msg: str, date: Optional[datetime] = None, typ: int = 1) -> str:
Create a log message from a nick, a message, optionally a date and type
message types:
......@@ -275,7 +276,7 @@ def build_log_message(nick, msg, date=None, typ=1):
return logged_msg + ''.join(' %s\n' % line for line in lines)
def get_lines_from_fd(fd, nb=10):
def get_lines_from_fd(fd: BinaryIO, nb: int = 10) -> List[str]:
Get the last log lines from a fileno
......@@ -294,7 +295,7 @@ def get_lines_from_fd(fd, nb=10):
return lines
def parse_log_lines(lines):
def parse_log_lines(lines: List[str]) -> List[Dict[str, Any]]:
Parse raw log lines into poezio log objects
......@@ -334,7 +335,7 @@ def parse_log_lines(lines):
return messages
def create_logger():
def create_logger() -> None:
"Create the global logger object"
global logger
logger = Logger()
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