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Minimal tests for User class

See merge request !134
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Tests for the User class
import pytest
from datetime import datetime
from slixmpp import JID
from poezio.user import User
def user1():
return User(
'My Status!',
def test_new_user(user1):
assert user1.last_talked == datetime(1, 1, 1)
assert user1.jid == JID('foo@muc/nick1')
assert user1.chatstate is None
assert user1.affiliation == 'member'
assert == 'xa'
assert user1.status == 'My Status!'
assert user1.role == 'moderator'
assert user1.nick == 'nick1'
assert user1.color == (196, -1)
assert str(user1) == '>nick1<'
def test_change_nick(user1):
assert user1.nick == 'nick2'
def test_change_color(user1):
user1.change_color('blue', deterministic=False)
assert user1.color == (21, -1)
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