Commit f2d2c4df authored by Link Mauve's avatar Link Mauve

Install the appdata file.

parent 7ce30f8f
......@@ -126,7 +126,8 @@ setup(name="poezio",
entry_points={'console_scripts': ['poezio = poezio.__main__:run']},
data_files=([('share/man/man1/', ['data/poezio.1',
('share/poezio/', ['README.rst', 'COPYING', 'CHANGELOG'])]
('share/poezio/', ['README.rst', 'COPYING', 'CHANGELOG']),
('share/metainfo/', ['data/io.poez.Poezio.appdata.xml'])]
+ find_doc('share/doc/poezio/source', 'source')
+ find_doc('share/doc/poezio/html', 'build/html')),
install_requires=['slixmpp>=1.3.0', 'aiodns', 'pyasn1_modules', 'pyasn1'],
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