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doc: Describe the first Debian release to have poezio.

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......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ using one of these.
- **Fedora**: The stable poezio package was out of date for a long time in
Fedora, but now thanks to Casper, there is an `up-to-date package`_ in
the repos since F19.
- **Debian**: A stable package is provided in sid_ thanks to debacle.
- **Debian**: A stable package is provided since buster_ thanks to debacle.
- **Nix** (and **NixOS**): The last stable version of poezio is availalble in
the unstable branch of `nixpkgs`. Use ``nix-env -f "<nixpkgs>" -iA poezio``
to install poezio for the current user.
......@@ -241,4 +241,4 @@ image from the Dockerfile at the root of the git repository.
.. _bgo-overlay:
.. _port:
.. _poezio/poezio:
.. _sid:
.. _buster:
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