Commit dc5144fd authored by ge0rg's avatar ge0rg

Inform the user and re-instate 0199 pinger on a successful 0198 resume

parent 90a5b3d3
......@@ -258,6 +258,7 @@ class Core:
('session_start', self.handler.on_session_start_features),
('session_end', self.handler.on_session_end),
('sm_failed', self.handler.on_session_end),
('session_resumed', self.handler.on_session_resumed),
('ssl_cert', self.handler.validate_ssl),
('ssl_invalid_chain', self.handler.ssl_invalid_chain),
('stream_error', self.handler.on_stream_error),
......@@ -1161,6 +1161,13 @@ class HandlerCore:
for tab in self.core.get_tabs(tabs.MucTab):
def on_session_resumed(self, event):
Called when a session is successfully resumed by 0198
self.core.information("Resumed session as %s" % self.core.xmpp.boundjid.full, 'Info')
async def on_disconnected(self, event):
When we are disconnected from remote server
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