Verified Commit d6ec1897 authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui

Add a visual “feature check” for chat states too

parent ad20d6db
......@@ -710,11 +710,33 @@ class OneToOneTab(ChatTab):
# change this to True or False when
# we know that the remote user wants chatstates, or not.
# None means we don’t know yet, and we send only "active" chatstates
self.remote_wants_chatstates = None
self._remote_wants_chatstates = None
self.remote_supports_attention = True
self.remote_supports_receipts = True
def remote_wants_chatstates(self):
return self._remote_wants_chatstates
def remote_wants_chatstates(self, value):
old_value = self._remote_wants_chatstates
self._remote_wants_chatstates = value
if (old_value is None and value != None) or \
(old_value != value and value != None):
ok = get_theme().CHAR_OK
nope = get_theme().CHAR_EMPTY
support = ok if value else nope
if value:
msg = _('\x19%s}Contact supports chat states [%s].')
msg = _('\x19%s}Contact does not support chat states [%s].')
color = dump_tuple(get_theme().COLOR_INFORMATION_TEXT)
msg = msg % (color, support)
self.add_message(msg, typ=0)
def ack_message(self, msg_id):
Ack a message
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