Commit a6f840e7 authored by Maxime Buquet's avatar Maxime Buquet
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Only check if `.git` exists, not more

`git worktree` has `.git` as a file, not a directory.
Signed-off-by: Maxime Buquet's avatarMaxime “pep” Buquet <>
parent 9238ee2e
...@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ then ...@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ then
POEZIO_VENV="poezio-venv" POEZIO_VENV="poezio-venv"
fi fi
if [ -d .git ] if [ -e .git ]
then then
args=$(git show --format='%h %ci' | head -n1) args=$(git show --format='%h %ci' | head -n1)
else else
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