Verified Commit a3cefc7a authored by ge0rg's avatar ge0rg Committed by mathieui

self-ping: /cycle instead of /part

parent 4e8cef2a
......@@ -1694,7 +1694,7 @@ class MucTab(ChatTab):
def on_self_ping_result(self, iq):
if iq["type"] == "error":
self.command_part(iq["error"]["text"] or "not in this room")
self.command_cycle(iq["error"]["text"] or "not in this room")
else: # Re-send a self-ping in a few seconds
......@@ -1715,5 +1715,5 @@ class MucTab(ChatTab):
return color
def on_self_ping_failed(self, iq):
self.command_part("the MUC server is not responding")
self.command_cycle("the MUC server is not responding")
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