Commit 88ae8a68 authored by ge0rg's avatar ge0rg Committed by Link Mauve

Properly use ellipsis in #3293

parent 3b5ea1a9
......@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ class ConversationInfoWin(InfoWin):
self.addstr('[', to_curses_attr(get_theme().COLOR_INFORMATION_BAR))
self.addstr(presence, to_curses_attr(color))
if resource and resource.status:
shortened = resource.status[:20] + (resource.status[:20] and '..')
shortened = resource.status[:20] + (resource.status[:20] and '')
self.addstr(' %s' % shortened, to_curses_attr(get_theme().COLOR_INFORMATION_BAR))
self.addstr(']', to_curses_attr(get_theme().COLOR_INFORMATION_BAR))
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