Commit 527e582f authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui

New Roster class and new RosterGroup class

Removes for Roster:
    - empty() → Ø
    - get_contact_len() → Ø
    - remove_contact_from_group() → Ø
    - add_contact_to_group() → Ø
    - add_contact() → add()
    - remove_contact() → __delitem__()
    - get_contact_by_jid() → __getitem__()
    - edit_groups_of_contact() → update_contact_groups()

Removes for RosterGroup:
    - has_contact() → __contains__()
    - add_contact() → add()
    - remove_contact() → remove()
    - is_empty() → __len__()
parent 941acdb6
......@@ -16,140 +16,136 @@ from config import config
from os import path as p
from contact import Contact
from sleekxmpp.xmlstream.stanzabase import JID
from sleekxmpp.exceptions import IqError
class Roster(object):
def __init__(self):
self._contact_filter = None # A tuple(function, *args)
node: the RosterSingle from SleekXMPP
mucs: the dict from the SleekXMPP MUC plugin containing the joined mucs
self.__node = None
self.__mucs = None
self.jid = None
self.contact_filter = None # A tuple(function, *args)
# function to filter contacts,
# on search, for example
self._contacts = {} # key = bare jid; value = Contact()
self._roster_groups = []
self.folded_groups = config.get(
self.groups = {}
self.contacts = {}
def export(self, path):
if p.isfile(path):
f = open(path, 'w+')
f.writelines([i + "\n" for i in self._contacts])
return True
except IOError:
def set_node(self, value):
self.__node = value
def empty(self):
self._contacts = {}
self._roster_groups = []
def set_mucs(self, value):
self.__mucs = value
def add_contact(self, contact, jid):
Add a contact to the contact list
self._contacts[jid] = contact
def set_self_jid(self, value):
self.jid = value
def remove_contact(self, jid):
Remove a contact from the contact list
contact = self.get_contact_by_jid(jid)
for group in contact._groups:
self.remove_contact_from_group(group, contact)
del self._contacts[jid]
def get_groups(self):
"""Return a list of the RosterGroups"""
return [group for group in self.groups.values() if group]
def get_contact_len(self):
Return the number of contacts in this group
return len(self._contacts.keys())
def __getitem__(self, key):
"""Get a Contact from his bare JID"""
key = JID(key).bare
if key in self.contacts and self.contacts[key] is not None:
return self.contacts[key]
log.debug('JIDS: %s' % self.jids())
if key in self.jids():
contact = Contact(self.__node[key])
self.contacts[key] = contact
return contact
def get_contact_by_jid(self, jid):
Returns the contact with the given bare JID
# Use only the bare jid
jid = JID(jid)
if jid.bare in self._contacts:
return self._contacts[jid.bare]
return None
def __setitem__(self, key, value):
"""Set the a Contact value for the bare jid key"""
self.contacts[key] = value
def edit_groups_of_contact(self, contact, groups):
Edit the groups the contact is in
Add or remove RosterGroup if needed
# add the contact to each group he is in
# If the contact hasn't any group, we put her in
# the virtual default 'none' group
if not len(groups):
groups = ['none']
for group in groups:
if group not in contact._groups:
# create the group if it doesn't exist yet
self.add_contact_to_group(group, contact)
# remove the contact from each group he is not in
for group in contact._groups:
if group not in groups:
# the contact is not in the group anymore
self.remove_contact_from_group(group, contact)
def remove_contact_from_group(self, group_name, contact):
Remove the contact from the group.
Delete the group if this makes it empty
for group in self._roster_groups:
if == group_name:
if group.is_empty():
def add_contact_to_group(self, group_name, contact):
Add the contact to the group.
Create the group if it doesn't already exist
for group in self._roster_groups:
if == group_name:
if not group.has_contact(contact):
folded_groups = config.get('folded_roster_groups', '', section='var').split(':')
new_group = RosterGroup(group_name, folded=group_name in folded_groups)
def __delitem__(self, jid):
"""Remove a contact from the roster"""
jid = JID(jid).bare
if jid not in self.contacts:
return log.debug('not in self.contacts')
contact = self[jid]
for group in list(self.groups.values()):
if not group:
del self.groups[]
del self.contacts[contact.bare_jid]
if jid in self.jids():
except IqError:
import traceback
log.debug('IqError when removing %s:\n%s', jid, traceback.format_exc())
def get_groups(self):
Returns the list of groups
return self._roster_groups
def __iter__(self):
"""Iterate over the jids of the contacts"""
return iter(self.contacts.values())
def __contains__(self, key):
"""True if the bare jid is in the roster, false otherwise"""
return JID(key).bare in self.jids()
def get_group(self, name):
"""Return a group or create it if not present"""
if name in self.groups:
return self.groups[name]
self.groups[name] = RosterGroup(name, folded=name in self.folded_groups)
def add(self, jid):
"""Subscribe to a jid"""
def jids(self):
"""List of the contact JIDS"""
log.debug('%s' % self.__node.keys())
return [key for key in self.__node.keys() if key not in self.__mucs and key != self.jid]
def get_contacts(self):
Return a list of all the contact
Return a list of all the contacts
return [contact for contact in self._contacts.values()]
return [self[jid] for jid in self.jids()]
def save_to_config_file(self):
Save various information to the config file
e.g. the folded groups
folded_groups = ':'.join([ for group in self._roster_groups\
folded_groups = ':'.join([ for group in self.groups.values()\
if group.folded])
log.debug('folded:%s\n' %folded_groups)
config.set_and_save('folded_roster_groups', folded_groups, 'var')
def get_nb_connected_contacts(self):
Return the number of contacts connected
length = 0
for group in self._roster_groups:
length += group.get_nb_connected_contacts()
return length
n = 0
for contact in self:
if contact.resources:
n += 1
return n
def update_contact_groups(self, contact):
"""Regenerate the RosterGroups when receiving a contact update"""
if not isinstance(contact, Contact):
contact = self[contact]
if not contact:
for name, group in self.groups.items():
if name in contact.groups and contact not in group:
elif contact in group and name not in contact.groups:
for group in contact.groups:
if not group in self.groups:
self.groups[group] = RosterGroup(group, folded=group in self.folded_groups)
def __len__(self):
......@@ -158,31 +154,43 @@ class Roster(object):
length = 0
show_offline = config.get('roster_show_offline', 'false') == 'true'
for group in self._roster_groups:
for group in self.groups.values():
if not show_offline and group.get_nb_connected_contacts() == 0:
length += 1 # One for the group's line itself
if not group.folded:
for contact in group.get_contacts(self._contact_filter):
if not group in self.folded_groups:
for contact in group.get_contacts(self.contact_filter):
# We do not count the offline contacts (depending on config)
if not show_offline and\
contact.get_nb_resources() == 0:
len(contact) == 0:
length += 1 # One for the contact's line
if not contact._folded:
if not contact.folded:
# One for each resource, if the contact is unfolded
length += contact.get_nb_resources()
length += len(contact)
length += 1 # One for the group's line itself
return length
def __repr__(self):
ret = '== Roster:\nContacts:\n'
for contact in self._contacts:
for contact in self.contacts.values():
ret += '%s\n' % (contact,)
ret += 'Groups\n'
for group in self._roster_groups:
for group in self.groups:
ret += '%s\n' % (group,)
return ret + '\n'
def export(self, path):
"""Export a list of bare jids to a given file"""
if p.isfile(path):
f = open(path, 'w+')
f.writelines([i + "\n" for i in self.contacts])
return True
except IOError:
PRESENCE_PRIORITY = {'unavailable': 0,
'xa': 1,
'away': 2,
......@@ -196,41 +204,38 @@ class RosterGroup(object):
It can be Friends/Family etc, but also can be
Online/Offline or whatever
def __init__(self, name, folded=False):
self._contacts = []
def __init__(self, name, contacts=[], folded=False):
self.contacts = set(contacts) = name
self.folded = folded # if the group content is to be shown
def is_empty(self):
return len(self._contacts) == 0
def __iter__(self):
"""Iterate over the contacts"""
return iter(self.contacts)
def has_contact(self, contact):
Return a bool, telling if the contact
is already in the group
if contact in self._contacts:
return True
return False
def __repr__(self):
return '<Roster_group: %s; %s>' % (, self.contacts)
def remove_contact(self, contact):
Remove a Contact object from the list
except ValueError:
def __len__(self):
return len(self.contacts)
def add_contact(self, contact):
def __contains__(self, contact):
append a Contact object to the list
Return a bool, telling if the contact is in the group
assert isinstance(contact, Contact)
assert contact not in self._contacts
return contact in self.contacts
def add(self, contact):
"""Add a contact to the group"""
def remove(self, contact):
"""Remove a contact from the group if present"""
if contact in self.contacts:
def get_contacts(self, contact_filter):
"""Return the group contacts, filtered and sorted"""
def compare_contact(a):
if not a.get_highest_priority_resource():
return 0
......@@ -238,23 +243,17 @@ class RosterGroup(object):
if show not in PRESENCE_PRIORITY:
return 5
contact_list = self._contacts if not contact_filter\
else [contact for contact in self._contacts if contact_filter[0](contact, contact_filter[1])]
contact_list = self.contacts if not contact_filter\
else (contact for contact in self.contacts if contact_filter[0](contact, contact_filter[1]))
return sorted(contact_list, key=compare_contact, reverse=True)
def toggle_folded(self):
self.folded = not self.folded
def __repr__(self):
return '<Roster_group: %s; %s>' % (, self._contacts)
def __len__(self):
return len(self._contacts)
def get_nb_connected_contacts(self):
l = 0
for contact in self._contacts:
if contact.get_highest_priority_resource():
for contact in self.contacts:
if contact.resources:
l += 1
return l
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