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Update version to 0.13

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......@@ -2,7 +2,90 @@ This file describes the new features in each poezio release.
For more detailed changelog, see the roadmap:
* Poezio 0.13 - dev
* Poezio 0.13
# Thanks
- madhur for the MAM code and various other fixes (GSoC 2019)
- Ge0rG for fixes in the reconnect and carbons code
- fiaxh for the nice SVG logo
Zash, PS Le Stang, Karthikeyan Singaravelan, Jonas Schäfer, Célestin Matte,
Andrey Utkin, root.
# Meta changes
- Packages: poezio is now packaged for Gentoo and Debian buster
(poezio v0.12.1)
- Source: the repository is now hosted at
# Breaking changes
- BREAKING: requires python3.7 (previously python 3.5)
- DEPRECATION: `load_log` configuration was removed
- DEPRECATION: `bookmark_on_join` configuration option was renamed
`synchronise_open_rooms`, and now defaults to true. This makes /join
automatically create a bookmark, use /leave to remove it
# New features and plugins
- `/impromptu <jid> [jid ..]` command to create a new chat with these persons
- `/scrollback` to scroll back to a specific line/message in the current window
- `/invite <jid> [jid ..]` command in single user chat does like `/impromptu`
creating a new MUC
- `/affiliation` command now returns the list of privileged users on the
current MUC when no argument is supplied
- `default_muc_service` configuration for replacing the server's default MUC
- `unique_prefix_tab_names` display option to show the shorter tab name
prefixes in the tab list
- `/list` defaults to `default_muc_service` when no argument is specified
- XEP-0392 support
- New Plugin: OMEMO (experimental) - lives as an external plugin at
- New Plugin: Contact - queries an entity for contact addresses (XEP-0157)
- New Plugin: Upload - adds a `/upload <filename>` command in chats for HTTP
- New Plugin: remove_get_trackers - Remove GET trackers from URLs in sent
- New Plugin: QR
# Under the hood
- Plugin API: `E2EEPlugin` is a new experimental API for message encryption
(used by the OMEMO plugin)
- Plugin API: plugins can now declare a string list of dependencies
- Plugin API: plugins can now be setup using a well-known setuptools entrypoint
- Reworked Tab handling
- Split Message rendering
- Typing improvements
# Minor changes (bugfixes)
- Properly advertize gaming status
- Improve error reporting to users
- Add SVG support for avatars
- Plugin: Disco - allow node to be specified
- Don't always treat carbons from biboumi as MUC-PMs (#3705)
- Read newer Last Message Correction rules while still reading older ones
- Allow /block and /unblock in ConversationTab (#3346)
- Experimental: Fetch archives (MAM) on scroll up in MUC (#3052)
- Allow /add in ConversationTab (#3395)
- Prevent Chat State Notifications from being stored in the archive (#3518)
- Rework MUC-PM Carbons handling (#3294)
- /scrollback (#3481)
- Read <delay/> in <subject/> (#3451)
- Only use MUC <subject/> in specific cases (#3452)
- Allow /reconnect in all tabs (#3471)
- Allow /embed in chat tabs (#3449)
- Allow /upload in chat tabs
- Properly identify MUC-PMs for normal messages and chatstates (#3491)
- /server_cycle: stricly match specified domain (#3412)
- Breaking: -v/--version previously for internal purposes now returns version
as expected (#3429)
- Improve highlighting regex (#3433)
- Generate static resource at first launch (#3400)
* Poezio 0.12
......@@ -276,7 +276,7 @@
<xmpp:xep rdf:resource=""/>
<xmpp:note>contact plugin</xmpp:note>
......@@ -448,7 +448,7 @@
<xmpp:xep rdf:resource=""/>
......@@ -480,7 +480,7 @@
<xmpp:xep rdf:resource=""/>
<xmpp:note>upload plugin</xmpp:note>
......@@ -514,10 +514,18 @@
<xmpp:xep rdf:resource=""/>
<xmpp:note>Available at 1:1 only</xmpp:note>
<xmpp:xep rdf:resource=""/>
__version__ = '0.13-dev'
__version__ = '0.13'
......@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@ with open('README.rst', encoding='utf-8') as readme_fd:
version="0.13" + version,
description="A console XMPP client",
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