Commit 29f3d9a0 authored by louiz’'s avatar louiz’

Add a nice time_marker plugin.

parent ca216a75
A plugin that helps you identify the times of a conversation. For example
if you disable the timestamps, and remove the join/quit notifications in a
MUC, you can’t really distinguish when a conversation stopped and when a new
one started, because you don’t have a visual separation between the two.
This plugin displays a message in the conversation indicating the time that
passed between two messages, if the time is bigger than X minutes
(configurable, of course. Default is 15 minutes). This way you know how many time elapsed between
them, letting you understand more easily what is going on without any visual
from plugin import BasePlugin
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
class Plugin(BasePlugin):
def init(self):
self.add_event_handler("muc_msg", self.on_muc_msg)
# Dict of last_message date, so we don’t have to
# retrieve the messages of the given muc to look for the last
# message’s date each time. Also, now that I think about it, the
# date of the message is not event kept in the Message object, so…
self.last_messages = {}
def on_muc_msg(self, message, tab):
def format_timedelta(delta):
Return a string of the form D days, H hours, M minutes, S
seconds. If the number of total minutes is bigger than 10, we
usually don’t care anymore about the number of seconds, so we
don’t display it. Same thing if the number of days is bigger
than one, we don’t display the minutes either.
days = delta.days
hours = delta.seconds // 3600
minutes = delta.seconds // 60 % 60
seconds = delta.seconds % 60
res = ''
if days > 0:
res = "%s days, " % days
if hours > 0:
res += "%s hours, " % hours
if days == 0 and minutes != 0:
res += "%s minutes, " % minutes
if delta.total_seconds() < 600:
res += "%s seconds, " % seconds
return res[:-2]
last_message_date = self.last_messages.get(tab.get_name())
self.last_messages[tab.get_name()] =
if last_message_date:
delta = - last_message_date
if delta >= timedelta(0, self.config.get('delay', 900)):
tab.add_message("%s passed…" % (format_timedelta(delta),))
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