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  • slix-1.7.1   slixmpp 1.7.0 release Fix an issue with the slow coroutine filters rescheduling.
    24375f3c · Release slix 1.7.1 ·
    Release slix-1.7.1
  • slix-1.7.0   slixmpp 1.7.0 release New plugins: - XEP-0382: spoiler messages Fixes and improvements: - Fixes one critical bug of 1.6.0 preventing any reconnect - Also change lots many things in the way connects and disconnects are handled - Improvements to XEP-0199 to handle disconnects better - Improvements to XEP-0198 - Improvements to XEP-0045 (more available stanza elements, typing issues, new helpers) - Documentation fixes to update code that would only work with SleekXMPP Thanks to everyone for this release!
    Release slix-1.7.0
  • slix-1.6.0   slixmpp 1.6.0 release New plugins: =========== - XEP-0353: Jingle Message Initiation - XEP-0359: Unique and stable stanza IDs - This was already partially implemented - XEP-0369: MIX-Core - XEP-0377: Spam reporting - XEP-0403: MIX-Presence - XEP-0404: MIX-Anon - XEP-0405: MIX-PAM - XEP-0421: Anonymous unique occupant identifiers for MUCs - Was already present as "protoxep_occupantid" in a different version - XEP-0422: Message Fastening - XEP-0424: Message Retraction - XEP-0425: Message Moderation - XEP-0428: Fallback Indication - XEP-0437: Room Activity Indicators - XEP-0439: Quick response - XEP-0444: Message Reactions - Was already present as "protoxep_reactions" in a different version Many of those extensions are **experimental** and the specification is subject to change, which is to keep in mind when using them. Note: A new dependency, "emoji" is required for XEP-0444, and has been added to extras_require, where "aiohttp" (only required for XEP-0363) has been moved too. Fixes & Improvements: ===================== - XEP-0045: - Split file into its own package, better structure, cleanup, stanza elements… (pep) - rewrote broken function as coroutines, more elements (mathieui) - XEP-0047: Fix the max sequence number (mathieui) - XEP-0115: Add missing "from" attribute to disco for components (aearil) - XEP-0333: add missing feature to session (mathieui) - XEP-0352: enable the feature only on clientxmpp (Link Mauve) - XEP-0363: added missing callback on upload request (cnngimenez) - First integration tests (mathieui) - Cancel filters on disconnect (ehendrix23) - English and Polish custom plugin tutorials (Hoacyn) - Removal of unused things due to python3.7 (Link Mauve) - Doc improvements with the addition of the plugins (mathieui) Deprecation notice: =================== When moving from sleekxmpp to slixmpp, many functions were kept in place but instead returning a future (returned with iq.send()). Going forward, many of those will instead be coroutines. This is necessary in order to provide better return values (instead of leaving it up to the library user to fetch the elements manually from stanzas. Most of the newly added XEPs work this way, and the previously broken functions from XEP-0045 are now also coroutines. It means calling for example ``self.xmpp.plugin['xep_0045'].set_role()`` without awaiting on the result has **no effect**. tl;dr: **await coroutines** Thanks to all maintainers and contributors for this release! ============================================================
    Release slix-1.6.0
  • slix-1.5.2   Release slixmpp 1.5.2 - Bugfixes for httpupload & muc
    c7bd2241 · Update version to 1.5.2 ·
  • slix-1.5.1   slixmpp 1.5.1 Fix a bug (behaviour change) when stanzas were still queued and disconnect() was called
    0dd32be7 · Update version to 1.5.1 ·
  • slix-1.5.0   slixmpp 1.5.0 release - Add ids to presences and messages by default - Fix various issues in connection/disconnection - Code improvements (typing, deprecation warnings) - Fix or improvements for the following XEPS: - XEP-0045 - XEP-0048 - XEP-0050 - XEP-0059 - XEP-0082 - XEP-0196 - XEP-0198 - XEP-0202 - XEP-0279 - XEP-0332 - XEP-0313 - XEP-0323 - XEP-335 - XEP-0380 - New XEPs: - XEP-0359 (origin-id) - Groundwork for the OMEMO (XEP-0384) plugin, which has been put in a separate repository due to licensing issues: https://lab.louiz.org/poezio/slixmpp-omemo/ Many thanks to all first-time and recurring contributors! Special thanks to pep. for being the most active of the maintainers and for the OMEMO work, to Madhur Garg (GSoC student) for fixing the MAM and RSM implementation, and to Georg for trying to fix the connection shenanigans.
    3dcb96d9 · Update version to 1.5.0 ·
  • slix-1.4.2   Release slixmpp 1.4.2 - Do not do channel binding without TLS - Add default timeout of 120s for IQs (prevent slowdowns) - Fix CVE-2019-1000021 - Do not query vcard avatars unconditionnally - Fix GSSAPI (Jelmer Vernooij)
    9d378c61 · Release 1.4.2 ·
  • slix-1.4.1   Slixmpp 1.4.1 Adds an aiohttp depency, fixes bugs with multiple event loop support and plugins.
    570e653a · Release slixmpp 1.4.1 ·
  • slix-1.4.0   Release slixmpp 1.4.0 Important changes: - Dropped python 3.4 compatibility (async/await syntax) - Fixed Python 3.7 compatibility - Improved examples - Many bugfixes Thanks to all contributors!
    35fa33e3 · Release slixmpp 1.4.0 ·
  • slix-1.3.0   slixmpp 1.3.0 - Add a Markup (XEP-0394) plugin - Add a Hashes (XEP-0300) plugin - Update (and fix) MAM (XEP-0313) for mam:2 - Fix RSM - Fix (or at least improve) and egregious connection issue - Various fixes and improvements
    d73f56a7 · Release slixmpp 1.3.0 ·
  • slix-1.2.4   1.2.4 release
    24f35e43 · slixmpp 1.2.4 release ·
  • slix-1.2.3   slixmpp 1.2.3, to fix tests
    fb3ac78b · slixmpp 1.2.3 ·
  • slix-1.2.2   slixmpp 1.2.2 release to fix CVE-2015-8688
    53191ff1 · slixmpp 1.2.2 ·
  • slix-1.2.1   slixmpp 1.2.1 release Fixes a few bugs and the testsuite, and remove the asyncio event loop monkeypatching hack.
    36824379 · slixmpp 1.2.1 ·
  • slix-1.2   slixmpp 1.2 release (02-10-2016)
    187c3508 · Update for slixmpp 1.2 ·
  • slix-1.1
    b549db95 · Update version to 1.1 ·
  • slix-1.0
    8adc8fa2 · Update README ·
  • sleek-1.3.0
    753cb358 · Bump to 1.3.0 ·
  • 1.3.0
    753cb358 · Bump to 1.3.0 ·
  • sleek-1.2.5