Commit b8f40eb8 authored by Nathan Fritz's avatar Nathan Fritz

xep_0199 ping now uses scheduler instead of dedicated thread

parent b73a8590
......@@ -21,7 +21,6 @@ class xep_0199(base.base_plugin):
self.description = "XMPP Ping"
self.xep = "0199"
self.xmpp.add_handler("<iq type='get' xmlns='%s'><ping xmlns='urn:xmpp:ping'/></iq>" % self.xmpp.default_ns, self.handler_ping, name='XMPP Ping')
self.running = False
if self.config.get('keepalive', True):
self.xmpp.add_event_handler('session_start', self.handler_pingserver, threaded=True)
......@@ -30,12 +29,13 @@ class xep_0199(base.base_plugin):
def handler_pingserver(self, xml):
if not self.running:
time.sleep(self.config.get('frequency', 300))
while self.sendPing(self.xmpp.server, self.config.get('timeout', 30)) is not False:
time.sleep(self.config.get('frequency', 300))
self.xmpp.schedule("xep-0119 ping", float(self.config.get('frequency', 300)), self.scheduled_ping, repeat=True)
def scheduled_ping(self):
if self.sendPing(self.xmpp.server, self.config.get('timeout', 30)) is False:
log.debug("Did not recieve ping back in time. Requesting Reconnect.")
def handler_ping(self, xml):
iq = self.xmpp.makeIqResult(xml.get('id', 'unknown'))
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