Commit 3e5943f4 authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui

xmlstream: do not allow stanzas outside a session

except for the bind, obviously
parent 7ddcc342
......@@ -334,6 +334,7 @@ class SlixTest(unittest.TestCase):
raise ValueError("Unknown XMPP connection mode.")
self.xmpp._always_send_everything = True
......@@ -223,11 +223,20 @@ class XMLStream(asyncio.BaseProtocol):
#: An asyncio Future being done when the stream is disconnected.
self.disconnected: Future = Future()
# If the session has been started or not
self._session_started = False
# If we want to bypass the send() check (e.g. unit tests)
self._always_send_everything = False
self.add_event_handler('disconnected', self._remove_schedules)
self.add_event_handler('disconnected', self._set_disconnected)
self.add_event_handler('session_start', self._start_keepalive)
self.add_event_handler('session_start', self._set_session_start)
self.add_event_handler('session_resumed', self._set_session_start)
self._run_out_filters: Optional[Future] = None
self.__slow_tasks: List[Future] = []
self.__queued_stanzas: List[Tuple[StanzaBase, bool]] = []
def loop(self):
......@@ -248,6 +257,17 @@ class XMLStream(asyncio.BaseProtocol):
return uuid.uuid4().hex
def _set_session_start(self, event):
On session start, queue all pending stanzas to be sent.
self._session_started = True
for stanza in self.__queued_stanzas:
def _set_disconnected(self, event):
self._session_started = False
def _set_disconnected_future(self):
"""Set the self.disconnected future on disconnect"""
if not self.disconnected.done():
......@@ -1115,6 +1135,17 @@ class XMLStream(asyncio.BaseProtocol):
filters is useful when resending stanzas.
Defaults to ``True``.
# When not connected, allow features/starttls/etc to go through
# but not stanzas or arbitrary payloads.
if not self._always_send_everything and not self._session_started:
# Avoid circular imports
from slixmpp.stanza.rootstanza import RootStanza
from slixmpp.stanza import Iq
is_bind = isinstance(data, Iq) and data.get_plugin('bind', check=True)
if isinstance(data, (RootStanza, str)) and not is_bind:
log.debug('NOT SENT: %s %s', type(data), data)
self.waiting_queue.put_nowait((data, use_filters))
def send_xml(self, data):
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