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docs: Use the correct number for user_nick

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......@@ -534,7 +534,7 @@ The current list of plugin prefixes is the following:
- ``user_activity``: :class:`~.XEP_0108`
- ``user_tune``: :class:`~.XEP_0118`
- ``reachability``: :class:`~.XEP_0152`
- ``user_nick``: :class:`~.XEP_0163`
- ``user_nick``: :class:`~.XEP_0172`
- ``user_gaming``: :class:`~.XEP_0196`
- ``mix_participant_info``: :class:`~.XEP_0369`
- ``mix_channel_info``: :class:`~.XEP_0369`
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