Commit 00d38c1b authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui

typing: add to tostring

parent fed55d3d
# slixmpp.xmlstream.tostring
# ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
# This module converts XML objects into Unicode strings and
......@@ -7,11 +6,20 @@
# Part of Slixmpp: The Slick XMPP Library
# :copyright: (c) 2011 Nathanael C. Fritz
# :license: MIT, see LICENSE for more details
from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Optional, Set, TYPE_CHECKING
from xml.etree.ElementTree import Element
from slixmpp.xmlstream import XMLStream
XML_NS = ''
def tostring(xml=None, xmlns='', stream=None, outbuffer='',
top_level=False, open_only=False, namespaces=None):
def tostring(xml: Optional[Element] = None, xmlns: str = '',
stream: Optional[XMLStream] = None, outbuffer: str = '',
top_level: bool = False, open_only: bool = False,
namespaces: Optional[Set[str]] = None) -> str:
"""Serialize an XML object to a Unicode string.
If an outer xmlns is provided using ``xmlns``, then the current element's
......@@ -35,6 +43,8 @@ def tostring(xml=None, xmlns='', stream=None, outbuffer='',
:rtype: Unicode string
if xml is None:
return ''
# Add previous results to the start of the output.
output = [outbuffer]
......@@ -123,11 +133,12 @@ def tostring(xml=None, xmlns='', stream=None, outbuffer='',
# Remove namespaces introduced in this context. This is necessary
# because the namespaces object continues to be shared with other
# contexts.
if namespaces is not None:
return ''.join(output)
def escape(text, use_cdata=False):
def escape(text: str, use_cdata: bool = False) -> str:
"""Convert special characters in XML to escape sequences.
:param string text: The XML text to convert.
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