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    Don’t trigger presence events on MUC presence · 52cd8f4b
    mathieui authored
    Specifically, previously, each MUC would be added as a roster item, and
    then each join presence would be counted as a resource of that item,
    triggering 1 to 5 events and more backend logic in slixmpp.
    As a result, joining big rooms is tremendously slow, (JID() calls,
    event() calls, __getitem__ calls for nothing), and takes RAM (a quick
    tracemalloc tells me around 1 MiB for 3500 participants, i.e. 2 big IRC
    rooms). Those resources may not necessarily be cleaned properly, leading
    to memory leaks on long-term usage.
    This is a micro-optimization that adds an attribute to roster items so
    that MUC room events can be ignored safely while not affecting common
    roster usage.