Commit 9f1f538d authored by fawz's avatar fawz

Populate expect_problems with JID instances instead of bare_jids

parent 89758db2
......@@ -595,7 +595,8 @@ class XEP_0384(BasePlugin):
# OMEMO lib to not encrypt to this device
if exn.problem == 'undecided':
raise UndecidedException(exn.bare_jid, exn.device, exn.ik)
expect_problems.setdefault(exn.bare_jid, []).append(exn.device)
distrusted_jid = JID(exn.bare_jid)
expect_problems.setdefault(distrusted_jid, []).append(exn.device)
elif isinstance(exn, omemo.exceptions.NoEligibleDevicesException):
# This error is returned by the library to specify that
# encryption is not possible to any device of a user.
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