1. 12 May, 2020 6 commits
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      Add keyboard action to go to room by unique prefix · 1e7ce437
      Jonas Schäfer authored
      This is especially useful in combination with the
      newly introduced `unique_prefix_tab_names` config option. It has
      no default binding.
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      Add option to show only the unique prefix of tab names · a15e52dc
      Jonas Schäfer authored
      When the set of tabs used fluctuate, the memory of which number
      belongs to which chat becomes difficult to work with. Non-numbers
      can be used to navigate tabs with `/win`, however, it is difficult
      to know which letters are required to select a certain tab.
      This option introduces a display mode for tab names where only the
      unique prefix of the tab name is shown, saving space and providing
      with a minimal string which can be used with `/win`.
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      Add /wup command · eab4615f
      Jonas Schäfer authored
      The `/wup` command selects a tab by the prefix of its name only.
      The `/win` will do a substring match based on the first tab
      going from the current tab which matches the substring. This can
      be confusing, especially since `/win` matches on different types
      of tab "names" not only on the name which is shown in the info bar
      by default.
      The `/wup` command exclusively matches based on the prefix of the
      tab.name string. This has the advantage that it is consistent,
      deterministic and independent of the currently selected tab.
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      Merge branch 'upload-exceptions' into 'master' · 1b974d2d
      Maxime Buquet authored
      plugins/upload: handle more exceptions
      See merge request !97
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