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Describe tab system

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......@@ -8,6 +8,32 @@ Poezio is composed of tabs which can be of various types. Each tab type has
a distinct interface, list of commands and list of key shortcuts, in addition
to the global commands and key shortcuts.
On all tabs, you get a line showing the the list of all opened tabs. Each tab has a number, each time you open a new tab, it gets the next available number.
image::../images/tab_bar.png["Example of 5 opened tabs", title="Example of 5 opened tabs"]
The tab numbered _0_ is always the _roster_ tab, the other tabs can be of any type.
The status of a tab is represented by its color:
* *[navy]#blue#* (tab _0_): an inactive tab of any type, nothing new to see there.
* *[purple]#purple#* (tab _1_): a MultiUserChat tab with at least one new unread message.
* *[green]#green#* (tab _2_): a tab of a private conversation with a new message to read.
* *[teal]#cyan#* (tab _3_): the current tab.
* *[red]#red#* (tab _4_): a MultiUserChat tab with at least one new hightlight message.
You can go from one tab to another in many ways:
* Ctrl+n and Ctrl+p
* <<command-win, win>> command
* <<command-next, next>> and <<command-prev, prev>> commands
* Alt+ a number
* Alt+j followed by a two-digits number
* Alt+e, this will jump to the next tab with the highest priority. Priority applies in this order: private message > highlight message > normal message.
......@@ -47,10 +73,13 @@ These commands work in *any* tab.
*/quit*:: Like /exit.
*/next*:: Go to the next room.
*/prev*:: Go to the previous room.
*/win <number>*:: Go to the specified room.
*/w <number>*:: Like /win.
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