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Keep the default config options in a dict and make the “default” parameter of config.get() optional

the Config object now also optionally takes a dict of default values
in its constructor.
parent 55e6b9c4
......@@ -22,16 +22,129 @@ from os import environ, makedirs, path, remove
from shutil import copy2
from args import parse_args
'Poezio': {
'ack_message_receipts': True,
'add_space_after_completion': True,
'after_completion': ',',
'alternative_nickname': '',
'auto_reconnect': False,
'autorejoin_delay': '5',
'autorejoin': False,
'beep_on': 'highlight private invite',
'ca_cert_path': '',
'certificate': '',
'connection_check_interval': 60,
'connection_timeout_delay': 10,
'create_gaps': False,
'custom_host': '',
'custom_port': '',
'default_nick': '',
'display_activity_notifications': False,
'display_gaming_notifications': False,
'display_mood_notifications': False,
'display_tune_notifications': False,
'display_user_color_in_join_part': True,
'enable_carbons': False,
'enable_user_activity': True,
'enable_user_gaming': True,
'enable_user_mood': True,
'enable_user_nick': True,
'enable_user_tune': True,
'enable_vertical_tab_list': False,
'enable_xhtml_im': True,
'exec_remote': False,
'extract_inline_images': True,
'filter_info_messages': '',
'force_encryption': True,
'group_corrections': True,
'hide_exit_join': -1,
'hide_status_change': 120,
'hide_user_list': False,
'highlight_on': '',
'ignore_certificate': False,
'ignore_private': False,
'information_buffer_popup_on': 'error roster warning help info',
'jid': '',
'lang': 'en',
'lazy_resize': True,
'load_log': 10,
'log_dir': '',
'logfile': 'logs',
'log_errors': True,
'max_lines_in_memory': 2048,
'max_messages_in_memory': 2048,
'max_nick_length': 25,
'muc_history_length': 50,
'open_all_bookmarks': False,
'password': '',
'plugins_autoload': '',
'plugins_conf_dir': '',
'plugins_dir': '',
'popup_time': 4,
'private_auto_response': '',
'remote_fifo_path': './',
'request_message_receipts': True,
'resource': '',
'rooms': '',
'roster_group_sort': 'name',
'roster_show_offline': False,
'roster_sort': 'jid:show',
'save_status': True,
'send_chat_states': True,
'send_initial_presence': True,
'send_os_info': True,
'send_poezio_info': True,
'send_time': True,
'separate_history': False,
'server': '',
'show_composing_tabs': 'direct',
'show_inactive_tabs': True,
'show_muc_jid': True,
'show_roster_jids': True,
'show_roster_subscriptions': '',
'show_s2s_errors': True,
'show_tab_names': False,
'show_tab_numbers': True,
'show_timestamps': True,
'show_useless_separator': False,
'status': '',
'status_message': '',
'theme': 'default',
'themes_dir': '',
'tmp_image_dir': '',
'use_bookmarks_method': '',
'use_log': False,
'use_remote_bookmarks': True,
'user_list_sort': 'desc',
'use_tab_nicks': True,
'vertical_tab_list_size': 20,
'vertical_tab_list_sort': 'desc',
'whitespace_interval': 300,
'words': ''
'bindings': {
'M-i': '^I'
'var': {
'folded_roster_groups': '',
'info_win_height': 2
class Config(RawConfigParser):
load/save the config to a file
def __init__(self, file_name):
def __init__(self, file_name, default=None):
RawConfigParser.__init__(self, None)
# make the options case sensitive
self.optionxform = str
self.file_name = file_name
self.default = default
def read_file(self):
......@@ -43,13 +156,16 @@ class Config(RawConfigParser):
if not self.has_section(section):
def get(self, option, default, section=DEFSECTION):
def get(self, option, default='', section=DEFSECTION):
get a value from the config but return
a default value if it is not found
The type of default defines the type
if self.default and not default \
and self.default.get(section, {}).get(option) is not None:
default = self.default[section][option]
if type(default) == int:
res = self.getint(option, section)
......@@ -411,7 +527,7 @@ def create_global_config():
"Create the global config object, or crash"
global config
config = Config(options.filename)
config = Config(options.filename, DEFAULT_CONFIG)
import traceback
sys.stderr.write('Poezio was unable to read or'
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