Verified Commit ea2b703b authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui
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Fix the default value of Config.get to None

Might fix some not-yet-seen bugs
parent f097efd8
......@@ -156,16 +156,19 @@ class Config(RawConfigParser):
if not self.has_section(section):
def get(self, option, default='', section=DEFSECTION):
def get(self, option, default=None, section=DEFSECTION):
get a value from the config but return
a default value if it is not found
The type of default defines the type
if self.default and not default \
and self.default.get(section, {}).get(option) is not None:
default = self.default[section][option]
if default is None:
if self.default:
default = self.default.get(section, {}).get(option)
default = ''
if type(default) == int:
res = self.getint(option, section)
......@@ -177,6 +180,7 @@ class Config(RawConfigParser):
res = self.getstr(option, section)
except (NoOptionError, NoSectionError, ValueError, AttributeError):
return default
if res is None:
return default
return res
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