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doc: list additional required packages, add Debian two-liner

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......@@ -69,6 +69,18 @@ Packages required for building poezio and deps:
- libidn and libidn-dev, only if you want to use cython_ (see below)
- python3-devel (or equivalent)
- python3-setuptools
- python3-pip
- python3-venv
- libffi-dev (for pycares, needed by slixmpp)
- pyasn1 and pyasn1-modules (needed by slixmpp)
On Debian, you can install the dependencies as follows:
.. code-block:: bash
apt install python3-dev make gcc python3-setuptools python3-pip python3-venv libffi-dev
pip3 install --user pyasn1 pyasn1-modules
Then you can run ``make`` to build it the poezio C extension module.
If you downloaded the standalone stable package, you are finished here and can skip
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