command /say. fixed #1584

parent 58043c64
......@@ -95,8 +95,8 @@ class Gui(object):
'topic': (self.command_topic, _("Usage: /topic <subject> \nTopic: Change the subject of the room")),
'link': (self.command_link, _("Usage: /link [option] [number]\nLink: Interact with a link in the conversation. Available options are 'open', 'copy'. Open just opens the link in the browser if it's http://, Copy just copy the link in the clipboard. An optional number can be provided, it indicates which link to interact with.")),
'query': (self.command_query, _('Usage: /query <nick> [message]\nQuery: Open a private conversation with <nick>. This nick has to be present in the room you\'re currently in. If you specified a message after the nickname, it will immediately be sent to this user')),
'nick': (self.command_nick, _("Usage: /nick <nickname> \nNick: Change your nickname in the current room"))
'nick': (self.command_nick, _("Usage: /nick <nickname>\nNick: Change your nickname in the current room")),
'say': (self.command_say, _('Usage: /say <message>\nSay: Just send the message. Useful if you want your message to begin with a "/"')),
self.key_func = {
......@@ -606,7 +606,7 @@ class Gui(object):
if line.startswith('/') and not line.startswith('/me '):
command = line.strip()[:].split()[0][1:]
arg = line[1+len(command):]
arg = line[2+len(command):] # jump the '/' and the ' '
# example. on "/link 0 open", command = "link" and arg = "0 open"
if command in self.commands.keys():
func = self.commands[command][0]
......@@ -686,6 +686,20 @@ class Gui(object):
roomname = self.current_room().name
self.muc.eject_user(roomname, 'kick', nick, reason)
def command_say(self, arg):
/say <message>
line = arg
if self.current_room().name != 'Info':
if self.current_room().jid is not None:
self.muc.send_private_message(self.current_room().name, line)
self.add_message_to_room(self.current_room(), line.decode('utf-8'), None, self.current_room().own_nick)
self.muc.send_message(self.current_room().name, line)
def command_join(self, arg):
/join [room][/nick] [password]
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