on vire les trads jusqu'à ce que je corrige ces trucs chiants

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......@@ -10,6 +10,36 @@ IRC. It doesn't handle contact list at all.
Poezio's commands are design to be (if possible) like well known IRC
clients (weechat, irssi, mirc).
You just need python
the xmpppy lib is provided with poezio, as many
distributions still use xmpppy 0.4.1 which doesn't
work with anonymous connexion.
This will be eventually fixed latter on.
Before launching poezio you need to type
in order to build the xmpppy library.
you can then launch poezio with
sh launch.sh
or you can install it with (as root or with sudo)
make install
(`make uninstall` works, don't worry ;))
you can then launch poezio
You can edit the config file (~/.config/poezio/poezio.cfg by default)
or data/default_config.cfg (if you want to edit the config before the
first launch)
See the online documentation for more information:
Please DO report any bug that you encounter.
......@@ -36,7 +66,6 @@ Please read the COPYING file for details
= People =
xbright (Handler and MultiUserChat classes)
chickenzilla (Config class)
The code
......@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@ if len(sys.argv) == 1: # not debug, so hide any error message and disab
import signal
signal.signal(signal.SIGINT, signal.SIG_IGN)
sys.stderr = open('/dev/null', 'w')
sys.stdout = open('/dev/null', 'w')
class Client(object):
......@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ class Room(object):
return info.encode('utf-8')
except: # I JUST FUCKING HATE THIS .encode.decode.shit !!!
self.lines.append((datetime.now(), info))
return info.encode('utf-8')
return info
def get_user_by_name(self, nick):
for user in self.users:
......@@ -143,7 +143,7 @@ class Room(object):
return self.add_info(_('%s has left the room') % (nick))
# status change
user.update(affiliation, show, status, role)
return self.add_info(_('%(nick)s changed his/her status : %(a)s, %(b)s, %(c)s, %(d)s') % {'nick':nick, 'b':affiliation, 'b':role, 'c':show, 'd':status})
return self.add_info(_('%(nick)s changed his/her status : %(a)s, %(b)s, %(c)s, %(d)s') % {'nick':nick, 'a':affiliation, 'b':role, 'c':show, 'd':status})
class Gui(object):
......@@ -365,8 +365,8 @@ class Gui(object):
msg = self.commands[args[0]][1]
msg = _('Unknown command: %s') % args[0]
self.window.text_win.add_line(room, (datetime.now(), msg))
msg = room.add_info(msg)
self.window.text_win.add_line(room, msg)
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