Commit dbbc24b7 authored by Link Mauve's avatar Link Mauve Committed by mathieui

Add a vcard plugin, to view other people’s vcard-temp as a dataform.

Fixes #1683 and #1843.
parent 29b95f18
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Roll one or several dice using message corrections. Roll one or several dice using message corrections.
:ref:`Documentation <vcard-plugin>`
Add a ``/vcard`` command to retrieve and display a vCard.
.. toctree:: .. toctree::
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dice dice
marquee marquee
server_part server_part
.. _vcard-plugin:
.. automodule:: vcard
This plugin adds a :term:`/vcard` command to all tabs, allowing you to request
and display the vcard-temp of any given entity.
.. glossary::
**Usage (globally):** ``/vcard <jid>``
**Usage (in a MUC tab):** ``/vcard <jid or nick>``
**Usage (in a conversation or roster tab):** ``/vcard [jid]``
Globally, you can do ``/vcard user@server.example`` to get a vcard.
In a MUC, you can either do it on a JID or a nick (``/vcard nick``,
``/vcard room@muc.server.example/nick`` or ``/vcard
In a private or a direct conversation, you can do ``/vcard`` to request
vcard from the current interlocutor, and in the roster to do it on the
currently selected contact.
from poezio.decorators import command_args_parser
from poezio.plugin import BasePlugin
from poezio.roster import roster
from poezio.common import safeJID
from import Contact, Resource
from poezio.core.structs import Completion
from poezio import tabs
from slixmpp.jid import JID, InvalidJID
class Plugin(BasePlugin):
def init(self):
self.api.add_command('vcard', self.command_vcard,
help='Send an XMPP vcard request to jid (see XEP-0054).',
short='Send a vcard request',
self.api.add_tab_command(tabs.MucTab, 'vcard', self.command_muc_vcard,
help='Send an XMPP vcard request to jid or nick (see XEP-0054).',
short='Send a vcard request.',
self.api.add_tab_command(tabs.RosterInfoTab, 'vcard', self.command_roster_vcard,
help='Send an XMPP vcard request to jid (see XEP-0054).',
short='Send a vcard request.',
for _class in (tabs.PrivateTab, tabs.ConversationTab):
self.api.add_tab_command(_class, 'vcard', self.command_private_vcard,
help='Send an XMPP vcard request to the current interlocutor or the given JID.',
short='Send a vcard request',
def _handle_vcard(self, iq):
'''Retrieves a vCard from vcard-temp and present it as a DataFormsTab.
jid = iq['from']
if iq['type'] == 'error':
self.api.information('Error retrieving vCard for %s: %s: %s' % (jid, iq['error']['type'], iq['error']['condition']), 'Error')
vcard = iq['vcard_temp']
form = self.core.xmpp['xep_0004'].make_form(ftype='result', title='vCard of %s' % jid)
# TODO: implement the other fields.
form.add_field(var='FN', ftype='text-single', label='Name', value=vcard['FN'])
form.add_field(var='NICKNAME', ftype='text-multi', label='Nicknames', value=vcard['NICKNAME'])
# TODO: find a way to detect whether this is present or not.
form.add_field(ftype='fixed', value='Full Name')
form.add_field(var='N/GIVEN', ftype='text-single', label='Given', value=vcard['N']['GIVEN'])
form.add_field(var='N/MIDDLE', ftype='text-single', label='Middle', value=vcard['N']['MIDDLE'])
form.add_field(var='N/FAMILY', ftype='text-single', label='Family', value=vcard['N']['FAMILY'])
form.add_field(var='N/PREFIX', ftype='text-single', label='Prefix', value=vcard['N']['PREFIX'])
form.add_field(var='N/SUFFIX', ftype='text-single', label='Suffix', value=vcard['N']['SUFFIX'])
for i, addr in enumerate(vcard['addresses']):
form.add_field(ftype='fixed', value='Address')
values = [type_ for type_ in addr.bool_interfaces if addr[type_]]
addr_type = form.add_field(var='ADR %d/TYPE' % i, ftype='list-multi', label='Type', value=values)
addr_type.add_option(label='Home', value='HOME')
for type_ in addr.bool_interfaces:
addr_type.add_option(label=type_, value=type_)
form.add_field(var='ADR %d/POBOX' % i, ftype='text-single', label='Pobox', value=addr['POBOX'])
form.add_field(var='ADR %d/EXTADD' % i, ftype='text-single', label='Extended Address', value=addr['EXTADD'])
form.add_field(var='ADR %d/STREET' % i, ftype='text-single', label='Street', value=addr['STREET'])
form.add_field(var='ADR %d/LOCALITY' % i, ftype='text-single', label='Locality', value=addr['LOCALITY'])
form.add_field(var='ADR %d/REGION' % i, ftype='text-single', label='Region', value=addr['REGION'])
form.add_field(var='ADR %d/PCODE' % i, ftype='text-single', label='Post Code', value=addr['PCODE'])
form.add_field(var='ADR %d/CTRY' % i, ftype='text-single', label='Country', value=addr['CTRY'])
for i, tel in enumerate(vcard['telephone_numbers']):
form.add_field(ftype='fixed', value='Telephone')
values = [type_ for type_ in tel.bool_interfaces if tel[type_]]
tel_type = form.add_field(var='TEL %d/TYPE' % i, ftype='list-multi', label='Type', value=values)
for type_ in tel.bool_interfaces:
tel_type.add_option(label=type_, value=type_)
form.add_field(var='TEL %d/NUMBER' % i, ftype='text-single', label='Number', value=tel['NUMBER'])
for i, email in enumerate(vcard['emails']):
form.add_field(ftype='fixed', value='Email address')
values = [type_ for type_ in email.bool_interfaces if email[type_]]
email_type = form.add_field(var='EMAIL %d/TYPE' % i, ftype='list-multi', label='Type', value=values)
for type_ in email.bool_interfaces:
email_type.add_option(label=type_, value=type_)
form.add_field(var='EMAIL %d/USERID' % i, ftype='text-single', label='Email Address', value=email['USERID'])
form.add_field(ftype='fixed', value='Misc')
form.add_field(var='BDAY', ftype='text-single', label='Birthday', value=str(vcard['BDAY']))
for i, jabberid in enumerate(vcard['jids']):
form.add_field(ftype='fixed', value='URL')
form.add_field(var='JABBERID %d' % i, ftype='jid-single', label='URL', value=jabberid['JABBERID'])
for i, url in enumerate(vcard['urls']):
form.add_field(ftype='fixed', value='URL')
form.add_field(var='URL %d' % i, ftype='text-single', label='URL', value=url['URL'])
for i, desc in enumerate(vcard['descriptions']):
form.add_field(ftype='fixed', value='Description')
form.add_field(var='DESC %d' % i, ftype='text-multi', label='Description', value=desc['DESC'])
on_validate = lambda form: self.core.close_tab()
on_cancel = lambda form: self.core.close_tab()
self.core.open_new_form(form, on_cancel, on_validate)
def _get_vcard(self, jid):
'''Send an iq to ask the vCard.'''
def timeout_cb(iq):
self.api.information('Timeout while retrieving vCard for %s' % jid, 'Error')
self.core.xmpp.plugin['xep_0054'].get_vcard(jid=jid, timeout=30,
def command_vcard(self, arg):
if not arg:'vcard')
jid = JID(arg)
except InvalidJID:
self.api.information('Invalid JID: %s' % arg, 'Error')
def command_private_vcard(self, arg):
if arg:
def command_muc_vcard(self, arg):
if not arg:'vcard')
user = self.api.current_tab().get_user_by_name(arg)
if user:
# No need to use safeJID here, we already know the JID is valid.
jid = JID(self.api.current_tab().name + '/' + user.nick)
jid = safeJID(arg)
def command_roster_vcard(self, arg):
if arg:
current = self.api.current_tab().selected_row
if isinstance(current, Resource):
elif isinstance(current, Contact):
def completion_vcard(self, the_input):
contacts = [contact.bare_jid for contact in roster.get_contacts()]
return Completion(the_input.auto_completion, contacts, '', quotify=False)
def completion_muc_vcard(self, the_input):
users = [user.nick for user in self.api.current_tab().users]
users.extend([resource.jid for contact in roster.get_contacts() for resource in contact.resources])
return Completion(the_input.auto_completion, users, '', quotify=False)
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