Verified Commit d95ec953 authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui

Fix the doc for remote_fifo_path (fixes #2584)

parent fccf7f5a
......@@ -461,8 +461,9 @@ show_useless_separator = false
exec_remote = false
# Path of the FIFO in which the remote commands will be sent.
# The "poezio.fifo" file will be created in this directory
# Used with exec_remote set to true, see the documentation of /link for details
# Defaults to ./poezio.fifo
# Defaults to ./
remote_fifo_path =
# Defines if all tabs are resized at the same time (if set to false)
......@@ -860,9 +860,11 @@ Other
**Default value:** ``./poezio.fifo``
**Default value:** ``./``
The path of the FIFO used to send the commands (see the :term:`exec_remote` option).
Poezio will try to create a :file:`poezio.fifo` file in this directory.
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