Commit d619e0c5 authored by ge0rg's avatar ge0rg
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Roster: display when contact goes offline, if available.

parent f3aad52c
......@@ -1068,7 +1068,8 @@ class HandlerCore:
'{}x') is not None:
jid = presence['from']
if not logger.log_roster_change(jid.bare, 'got offline'):
status = presence['status']
if not logger.log_roster_change(jid.bare, 'got offline{}'.format(' ({})'.format(status) if status else '')):
self.core.information('Unable to write in the log file', 'Error')
# If a resource got offline, display the message in the conversation with this
# precise resource.
......@@ -1078,12 +1079,15 @@ class HandlerCore:
roster.connected -= 1
name =
offline_msg = '%s is \x191}offline' % name
if status:
offline_msg += ' (\x19o%s\x191})' % status
if jid.resource:
jid.full, '\x195}%s is \x191}offline' % name)
jid.full, '\x195}' + offline_msg)
jid.bare, '\x195}%s is \x191}offline' % name)
self.core.information('\x193}%s \x195}is \x191}offline' % name,
jid.bare, '\x195}' + offline_msg)
self.core.information('\x193}' + offline_msg,
if isinstance(self.core.tabs.current_tab, tabs.RosterInfoTab):
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