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Add a documentation page for PEP (and update some commands)

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......@@ -190,6 +190,28 @@ These commands work in *any* tab.
Show the pending invitations.
**Usage:** ``/activity [<general> [specific] [comment]]``
Send your current activity to your contacts (use the completion to cycle
through all the general and specific possible activities).
Nothing means "stop broadcasting an activity".
**Usage:** ``/mood [<mood> [comment]]``
Send your current mood to your contacts (use the completion to cycle
through all the possible moods).
Nothing means "stop broadcasting a mood".
**Usage:** ``/gaming [<game name> [server address]]``
Send your current gaming activity to your contacts.
Nothing means "stop broadcasting a gaming activity".
**Usage:** ``/activity <jid>``
Show the last activity of a contact or a server (its
......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ Contents:
Personal Events
Starting from poezio 0.8, poezo now supports `user mood`_, `user activity`_,
`user tune`_, and `user gaming`_.
Those extensions are standardized ways to broadcast informations that might be
useful to your contacts (they will receive those informations only if they
have indicated their interest in them).
You can see below the list of the related options and commands.
.. note::
All the *display_foo_notifications* options can be tab-specific, so you
can display those notifications only for a specific contact, or the
other way around.
User Mood
- :term:`enable_user_mood`
- :term:`display_mood_notifications`
- :term:`/mood`
User Activity
- :term:`enable_user_activity`
- :term:`display_activity_notifications`
- :term:`/activity`
User Gaming
- :term:`enable_user_gaming`
- :term:`display_gaming_notifications`
- :term:`/gaming`
User Tune
- :term:`enable_user_tune`
- :term:`display_tune_notifications`
.. note::
There is no /tune command because it wouldn’t be really useful.
There was originally a way to broadcast the current tune with the
mpd plugin, but it was no good. You should use an external script
to do that, or use a player that has the feature.
.. _user mood:
.. _user tune:
.. _user gaming:
.. _user activity:
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