recolor command. fixed #1830

parent 508bf5d5
......@@ -106,6 +106,7 @@ class Gui(object):
'say': (self.command_say, _('Usage: /say <message>\nSay: Just send the message. Useful if you want your message to begin with a "/"')),
'whois': (self.command_whois, _('Usage: /whois <nickname>\nWhois: Request many informations about the user.')),
'theme': (self.command_theme, _('Usage: /theme\nTheme: Reload the theme defined in the config file.')),
'recolor': (self.command_recolor, _('Usage: /recolor\nRecolor: Re-assign a color to all participants of the current room, based on the last time they talked. Use this if the participant currently talking have too many identical colors.')),
self.key_func = {
......@@ -784,6 +785,26 @@ class Gui(object):
def command_recolor(self, arg):
Re-assign color to the participants of the room
room = self.current_room()
if == 'Info' or room.jid:
i = 0
compare_users = lambda x: x.last_talked
users = list(room.users)
# search our own user, to remove it from the room
for user in users:
if user.nick == room.own_nick:
nb_color = len(theme.LIST_COLOR_NICKNAMES)
for user in sorted(users, key=compare_users, reverse=True):
user.color = theme.LIST_COLOR_NICKNAMES[i % nb_color]
i+= 1
def command_win(self, arg):
/win <number>
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