Commit c1863add authored by Jonas Schäfer's avatar Jonas Schäfer

Add function to find a tab by unique prefix

parent d4d0c1a1
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ have become [0|1|2|3], with the tab "4" renumbered to "3" if gap tabs are
from typing import List, Dict, Type, Optional, Union
from typing import List, Dict, Type, Optional, Union, Tuple
from collections import defaultdict
from slixmpp import JID
from poezio import tabs
......@@ -139,6 +139,37 @@ class Tabs:
return self._tabs[i]
return None
def find_by_unique_prefix(self, prefix: str) -> Tuple[bool, Optional[tabs.Tab]]:
Get a tab by its unique name prefix, ignoring case.
:return: A tuple indicating the presence of any match, as well as the
uniquely matched tab (if any).
The first element, a boolean, in the returned tuple indicates whether
at least one tab matched.
The second element (a Tab) in the returned tuple is the uniquely
matched tab, if any. If multiple or no tabs match the prefix, the
second element in the tuple is :data:`None`.
# TODO: should this maybe use something smarter than .lower()?
# something something stringprep?
prefix = prefix.lower()
candidate = None
any_matched = False
for tab in self._tabs:
if not
any_matched = True
if candidate is not None:
# multiple tabs match -> return None
return True, None
candidate = tab
return any_matched, candidate
def by_name_and_class(self, name: str,
cls: Type[tabs.Tab]) -> Optional[tabs.Tab]:
"""Get a tab with its name and class"""
......@@ -183,3 +183,25 @@ def test_slice():
assert tabs[1:2][0] is dummy2
def test_find_by_unique_prefix():
tabs = Tabs(h)
t1 = DummyTab()
t2 = DummyTab()
t3 = DummyTab()
tabs.append(t3) = "foo" = "bar" = "fnord"
assert tabs.find_by_unique_prefix("f") == (True, None)
assert tabs.find_by_unique_prefix("b") == (True, t2)
assert tabs.find_by_unique_prefix("fo") == (True, t1)
assert tabs.find_by_unique_prefix("fn") == (True, t3)
assert tabs.find_by_unique_prefix("fx") == (False, None)
assert tabs.find_by_unique_prefix("x") == (False, None)
assert tabs.find_by_unique_prefix("") == (True, None)
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