Verified Commit be9f4470 authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui

Make /otr end terminate all encrypted conversations with this bare JID

parent 7c99b826
......@@ -822,10 +822,11 @@ class Plugin(BasePlugin):
if action == 'end': # close the session
context = self.get_context(name)
if isinstance(tab, DynamicConversationTab) and not tab.locked_resource:
if isinstance(tab, DynamicConversationTab):
ctx = self.find_encrypted_context_with_matching(safeJID(name).bare)
if ctx is not None:
while ctx is not None:
ctx = self.find_encrypted_context_with_matching(safeJID(name).bare)
elif action == 'start' or action == 'refresh':
self.otr_start(tab, name, format_dict)
elif action == 'ourfpr':
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