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......@@ -3,6 +3,30 @@ For more detailed changelog, see the roadmap:
* Poezio 0.8.3 - dev
- better setup scripts (use setuptools)
- Better timezone handling
- Better alias plugin, with permanent alias storage
- poezio_gpg_export script to generate a config for the gpg plugin
- improvements to dynamic tabs, information about jid lock/unlock
- irc plugin to use with biboumi
- implementation of XEP-0012 (last activity)
- errors.log contains a lot less stuff
- tabs where the input is not empty will not be considered as "normal"
- /bookmark * now preserves the order of the tabs
- /list on big servers should be much faster
- muc logs containing xhtml are colored properly
- /load and /unload can handle several plugins at once
- nicks are no longer highlighted if they are inside another word
- /invite will now use the “direct” invitations of XEP-0249 when supported
- tabs where the other party is currently composing will have a particular
- the OTR plugin will not stay in the composing state after sending a message
- running and will be nicer and not pollute the output
- bugfixes
* Poezio 0.8.1
- fix compilation with python 3.4
* Poezio 0.8
- Allow in-band password changing with /password
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