Commit b7f87a52 authored by louiz@4325f9fc-e183-4c21-96ce-0ab188b42d13's avatar louiz@4325f9fc-e183-4c21-96ce-0ab188b42d13
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fixed #1661

parent 27c1cee0
......@@ -41,6 +41,18 @@ from message import Message
from keyboard import read_char
from common import is_jid_the_same, jid_get_domain, is_jid
'401': 'A password is required',
'403': 'You are banned from the room',
'404': 'The room does\'nt exist',
'405': 'Your are not allowed to create a new room',
'406': 'A reserved nick must be used',
'407': 'You are not in the member list',
'409': 'This nickname is already in use or has been reserved',
'503': 'The maximum number of users has been reached',
def doupdate():
......@@ -338,16 +350,24 @@ class Gui(object):
if not error:
room = self.get_room_by_name(room)
if not room:
room = self.get_room_by_name('Info')
code = error.getAttr('code')
typ = error.getAttr('type')
if error.getTag('text'):
body = error.getTag('text').getData()
# if error.getTag('text'):
# body = error.getTag('text').getData()
# else: # No description of the error is provided in the stanza
# # If it's a standard error, use our own messages
if code in ERROR_AND_STATUS_CODES.keys():
body = _('Unknown error')
self.add_message_to_room(room, _('Error: %(code)s-%(msg)s: %(body)s' %
{'msg':msg, 'code':code, 'body':body}))
if code == '401':
room.add(_('To provide a password in order to join the room, type "/join / password" (replace "password" by the real password)'))
self.add_message_to_room(room, _('To provide a password in order to join the room, type "/join / password" (replace "password" by the real password)'))
if code == '409':
self.add_message_to_room(room, _('You can join the room with specifying an other nick, by typing "/join /other_nick"'))
def private_message(self, stanza):
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