Commit b7c23313 authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui
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Fix #3217 (allow /groupadd "group" with selected row in the roster)

parent e8aa8968
......@@ -72,38 +72,38 @@ class RosterInfoTab(Tab):
desc='Deny your presence to the provided JID (or the '
'selected contact in your roster), who is asking'
'you to be in his/here roster.',
shortdesc='Deny an user your presence.',
shortdesc='Deny a user your presence.',
self.register_command('accept', self.command_accept,
desc='Allow the provided JID (or the selected contact '
'in your roster), to see your presence.',
shortdesc='Allow an user your presence.',
shortdesc='Allow a user your presence.',
self.register_command('add', self.command_add,
desc='Add the specified JID to your roster, ask him to'
' allow you to see his presence, and allow him to'
' see your presence.',
shortdesc='Add an user to your roster.')
shortdesc='Add a user to your roster.')
self.register_command('name', self.command_name,
usage='<jid> [name]',
shortdesc='Set the given JID\'s name.',
self.register_command('groupadd', self.command_groupadd,
usage='<jid> <group>',
desc='Add the given JID to the given group.',
shortdesc='Add an user to a group',
usage='[<jid> <group>]|<group>',
desc='Add the given JID or selected line to the given group.',
shortdesc='Add a user to a group',
self.register_command('groupmove', self.command_groupmove,
usage='<jid> <old group> <new group>',
desc='Move the given JID from the old group to the new group.',
shortdesc='Move an user to another group.',
shortdesc='Move a user to another group.',
self.register_command('groupremove', self.command_groupremove,
usage='<jid> <group>',
desc='Remove the given JID from the given group.',
shortdesc='Remove an user from a group.',
shortdesc='Remove a user from a group.',
self.register_command('remove', self.command_remove,
......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ class RosterInfoTab(Tab):
'will unsubscribe you from its presence, cancel '
'its subscription to yours, and remove the item '
'from your roster.',
shortdesc='Remove an user from your roster.',
shortdesc='Remove a user from your roster.',
self.register_command('export', self.command_export,
......@@ -664,15 +664,25 @@ class RosterInfoTab(Tab):
self.core.xmpp.update_roster(jid, name=name, groups=groups,
subscription=subscription, callback=callback)
@command_args_parser.quoted(1, 1)
def command_groupadd(self, args):
Add the specified JID to the specified group
if args is None:
jid = safeJID(args[0]).bare
group = args[1]
if len(args) == 1:
group = args[0]
item = self.roster_win.selected_row
if isinstance(item, Contact):
jid = item.bare_jid
elif isinstance(item, Resource):
jid = item.jid
jid = safeJID(args[0]).bare
group = args[1]
contact = roster[jid]
if contact is None:
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