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Describe the muc interface.

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......@@ -58,6 +58,40 @@ image::../images/roster.png["The roster tab", title="The roster tab"]
* contacts and the third is the resources of you online contacts.
* _3_: More informations about the selected contact.
MultiUserChat tab
This tab contains a multi-users conversation.
image::../images/muc.png["The MUC tab", title="The MUC tab"]
* _1_: The conversation window, this is where all the messages and events
related to the muc will be displayed. It can be scrolled up and down with
PageUp and PageDown.
* _2_: The participant list. Participants are listed by their role first, and
then alphabetically.
In the default theme, The nick colors mean:
- Red: moderator
- Blue: participant
- gray: visitor +
The status of each participant is symbolized using the _color_ of the
character on the left of its nick.
That character also shows the chatstate of each participant:
- _|_: inactive
- _X_: composing
- _A_: active
- _p_: paused
* _3_: Your information in that MUC (the name of the room, your nick, your role
and affiliation).
* _4_: The topic of the room.
You can configure the room (if you have the rights to do it) using the
_/configure_ command, open a private conversation with someone using the
_/query_ command, change or view the topic using the _/topic_ command…
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