Commit b242ea24 authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui

Fix #3150 (otr and require_encryption)

the require_encryption option would not be honored when opening a new
tab with a bare JID.
parent dd992600
......@@ -541,9 +541,9 @@ class Plugin(BasePlugin):
require = self.config.get_by_tabname('require_encryption',
jid, default=False)
flags['REQUIRE_ENCRYPTION'] = require
logging_policy = self.config.get_by_tabname('log', jid, default='false').lower()
logging_policy = self.config.get_by_tabname('log', jid, default=False)
self.contexts[jid] = PoezioContext(self.account, jid, self.core.xmpp, self.core)
self.contexts[jid].log = 1 if logging_policy != 'false' else 0
self.contexts[jid].log = 1 if logging_policy else 0
self.contexts[jid].flags = flags
return self.contexts[jid]
......@@ -756,11 +756,16 @@ class Plugin(BasePlugin):
'jid': name,
ctx = self.contexts.get(name)
ctx = None
default_ctx = self.get_context(name)
if isinstance(tab, DynamicConversationTab) and not tab.locked_resource:
log.debug('Unlocked tab %s found, falling back to the first encrypted chat we find.', name)
ctx = self.find_encrypted_context_with_matching(jid.bare)
if ctx is None:
ctx = default_ctx
if ctx and ctx.state == STATE_ENCRYPTED:
ctx.sendMessage(0, msg['body'].encode('utf-8'))
if not tab.send_chat_state('active'):
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