Replace information_popup_type_filter occurences with correct naming

Signed-off-by: Maxime Buquet's avatarMaxime “pep” Buquet <>
parent 0319ce50
......@@ -653,7 +653,7 @@ or the way messages are displayed.
A list of message types that should make the information buffer grow
Possible values: ``error``, ``roster``, ``warning``, ``info``, ``help``
**Default value:** ``[empty]``
......@@ -1429,7 +1429,8 @@ class Core(object):
filter_types = config.get('information_buffer_type_filter').split(':')
if typ.lower() in filter_types:
'Did not show the message:\n\t%s> %s \n\tdue to information_popup_type_filter configuration',
'Did not show the message:\n\t%s> %s \n\tdue to '
'information_buffer_type_filter configuration',
typ, msg)
return False
filter_messages = config.get('filter_info_messages').split(':')
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