Commit a9f06071 authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui

Fix #2470 (server_cycle joining the wrong room with domain-only muc)

parent fd0735fe
......@@ -2284,7 +2284,10 @@ class Core(object):
if tab.joined:
muc.leave_groupchat(tab.core.xmpp, tab.get_name(), tab.own_nick, message)
tab.joined = False
self.command_join('"%s/%s"' %(tab.get_name(), tab.own_nick))
if tab.get_name() == domain:
self.command_join('"@%s/%s"' %(tab.get_name(), tab.own_nick))
self.command_join('"%s/%s"' %(tab.get_name(), tab.own_nick))
def completion_server_cycle(self, the_input):
"""Completion for /server_cycle"""
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